23 January 2009

thoughts on a friday

1. i need the internet at the bunkhouse
2. a bruise appeared on my arm yesterday, as far as i know...not sure where i got it
3. a cut appeared on my other arm, sometime, also a mystery
4. i didn't know it was friday until i named this blog
5. whatever
6. i don't see why televisions stations come through at different volumes
7. i'm tired of adjusting the volume when i change stations
8. my new tea mug is the highlight of the new year so far
9. i'm not sick anymore, much excellence, second only to my tea mug


Mony said...

the only reason you would be annoyed with the t.v. volume is if you have been in bed a long time and the remote has become your best friend
I feel ya

have you been sick?

lissa said...

I hope you keep your good health, have a wonderful life

jared david said...

finally figured how to comment on my phone... yes, sick for the first two weeks of the year. and it was lame. lissa, thanks, that is the plan. a strangely ominous and terminal well-wishing though...are you going somewhere for an unknown stay? or am i? i hope you are not a clairvoyant...

Mony said...

glad you're up and at it again