01 March 2009

black history month

i didn't realize it was black history month until yesterday. i enjoy black history, especially the music and passion in literature rooted in its culture. i feel like i should have known out sooner, but my circumstances didn't allow it this time around. i am no longer enrolled in any form of school, which has a lot to do with it. the educational system, even at a private school, always throws things of this nature [holidays, historical events, celebrations...] in your face. being in the oilfield, which is more than a little racist, and not having time to watch television (commecials advertising shows, specials and events related to black history) plays its part as well.

to be fair, february doesn't make me think of the black community in any way. february, in this country at least, is usually the worst winter month. valentine's day, groundhog day, the end of winter...not really specific to any race. there are the winter x games, but that's more of a scandinavian thing.

february does mark the birth of W.E.B. Du Bois, the death of Malcom X, the founding month of the NAACP, and the passing of the fifteenth amendment (giving blacks the right to vote), so i guess it makes sense to celebrate the impact of black culture on our society during this month. but i do find it ironic that black history month is the shortest month on our calendar. i guess the big white hand of the man is always in oppression mode.

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Mony said...

you are in the know, don't kid yourself
what a nice sentiment

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should your schedule free you in June, unexpectedly, you can scalp a ticket, hop on a plane and be there with us--we have everything you need (bedding and tent and dry ice) so you could make a last minute haul up to Tennessee and hang!
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