12 April 2009

jared the bee keeper

I just realized that I forgot the point of the last post. I want bee boxes. Well, I’ve always wanted bee boxes, but I have recently revisited the idea because I want to claim self-employed on my taxes this year. Not sure the requirements to make such a [legal] claim, but either way, I’ll end up with bee boxes. Good for me, because I like honey in my smoothies and tea. And I drink a lot of tea, and smoothies here and there. And honey is getting crazy expensive.


Mony said...

I imagine there is quite the learning curve on the bee keeping thing. But the industry needs you -- in crisis from what I hear.
Did you keep an entymological sample in case it was Africans?

Mony said...

I am dead serious, btw.

jared david said...

not intentionally, but it was take some spring cleaning to get all their little bee bodies out of my truck. i keep finding them and hoping none were in a coma and wake up and sting me while i'm sleeping in there.

as far as i know, african bees are a lot bigger than regular honey bees, and these seemed about normal size. but if they were africans we have big problems: they tried to attack my truck. those are some angry, fearless insects.