14 March 2008

miniature food


I was thinking about miniature things today. Not like miniature golf, I mean miniature edible things. Actually, I was just thinking about food. And I wanted a moon pie (chocolate of course). I got there, and they didn’t have moon pies. Blasphemous I know. But I gave the attendant (see: register guy) a chance and asked if they might have any in the back. Well this man, Charles I believe, pointed out a display near the register, where stood, with a heavenly glow, mini moon pies. So I bought five, and they were amazing. But it got me thinking, what’s so much better about miniature version of this and other delicious foods.

Weeks later, I think I’ve figured it out. It’s the crust. The outer layer. Mini moon pies have more chocolate [or other] frosting, as a ratio of total ingredient glory, than their original sized cousins. They same way miniature meat loafs are way better than one regular sized meatloaf, more of the outer crusted up stuff (never had a miniature meat loaf? Try one, it’s fantastic). It’s all about the ratio.

Now you might say, “What about cupcakes? Cake is much better than cupcakes.” And I would agree, but think about the crust, or in this case, frosting. Cupcakes are top-frosted, whereas cakes are top-, side-, and sometimes middle-frosted. Cupcakes are not mini cakes, they are cupcakes. Now mini cakes…probably the most excellent food on earth.

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Robbie said...

But I deplore you to consider the "fun sized" candy bars. Despite the obviously wrong title these "fun sized" candy bars are no better then their original counter parts. In fact if you consider the frustration and effort it takes in opening all the wrappers of the fun sized candy bars to equal the amount of a regular candy bar they are down right worthless.

If we want to step back from the "fun size" candy bars to candy in general I believe an argument can be made for the mini reeses peanut butter cup. But in my opinion really it is just a different candy all together - much like the cupcake vs cake example.