11 March 2008

why I write


My mind is alive
with a thousand chattering voices,
all mine.
And as I walk
through infinite corners
that exist,
but not in our tangible sense,
I realize I don’t like
my mirror image,
or my shadow,
and know
that the two are connected,
But what I like the most,
is the quiet inside my mind,
like silent letters
dancing in rhymes,
and the (satisfaction)
of seeing my thoughts,
on paper.

1 comment:

Robbie said...

I wish my mind had chattering voices (I like that line). And I like the reference to the not-corner theory, and of course your never ending duel with your shadow.

I also like the contrasting beginning and ending images of the chattering voices and the silent letters.

Sorry I suck at the writing exchange game. I am just distracted with so many other things I let it slip through the cracks. We will talk later. I like the poem, keep posting.