10 April 2008

april fools

this is not a joke or gag or whatever. i'm honestly unhappy with april fool's day. i've been thinking about it for a few days...the guys i work with pulled stupid stuff all day and won't let it go. it was annoying. mostly because they do this all the time, not just the first of april. and every time i called them on it, they just said 'april fools' with a dumb grin on their faces. am i bothered...yes. because april fools is a deceptive and nasty holiday. it's an excuse to lie and be an a--hole to people, or tell a truth you don't want/weren't supposed to tell, then gauge the reaction, and if unfavorable, say 'april fools' and make them feel like the fool. i refuse to play along with the insidious ramblings of these cowards hiding behind april fools.

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