07 April 2008

[e.g.] scooters, vacation, fall

the suggested labels remind me of a brilliant september day in high school. it was late september...a few weekends into my junior year, when some of us decided the beach needed a visit. normally, this would be crazy talk (late september on the northwest coast) but one last day of summer somehow snuck into fall, so off to the beach. we brought tons of food, tents, blankets (it's still cold), a soccer ball and frisbee. someone (not this guy) got the genius idea to rent scooters and ride them on the beach. i, like an idiot who can't see the future, was all about some scooterage...until, while riding along the surf, hit a clam digging hole (a big one, must have been a geo duck) and crashed. much sand in the shorts, and soaked with forty-three degree salt water. not cool.

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