03 April 2008

christian guilt

i'm about tired--no, i am tired--of getting e-mails with a christian theme, or just any theme, that have that heavy dose of christian guilt at the end coercing you into forwarding [what usually turns out to be] a lame e-mail to your friends and family. you know what i'm talking about...the e-mails that say "you may not believe in God, but he believes in you, pass this on if you do, if not, just delete it" (and have fun serving the dark lord for eternity, but they never actually attach that part), or "pass this on if you're not afraid to stand up for your God" (even though the e-mail is another dumb set of jokes or feelgood story that your friends and family have asked you not to forward anymore).

and they have some sneaky e-mails, with cool titles like "check out this crazy explosion" and the first line of the e-mail is "would you have opened this had it said 'check out this awesome God?'" the answer is no, i wanted to see an explosion, and i don't rely on e-mails to guide my spirituality, and i don't feel bad for deleting chain e-mails of any kind. God doesn't care either, his inbox is full enough.

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