24 October 2008

cheap clubs

so here are my new clubs...cheap clubs...my favorite. that's a full set of irons, a driver that mostly intimidates me, [finally] a decent putter, and a set of wedges that i may or may not use. all total, about 1200-1500 retail, 800 if they like you, and 350 if you skip over the salesmen and flirt with one of the supervisors. i chose the latter path. i'm pretty excited to hit with the irons, and my putting could sure use a club that weighs more in the head than the shaft. the driver though...it's just too big. it scares me. the wood i usually drive 210-230 with decent control is about one third the size; the driver i normally slice really bad or hook slightly (sometimes straight...about 240-280) is around half the size; this driver is 460cc with freakin' weights on it (two...silver means something, copper means something, it came with it's own tools...that's just too much, what happened to hitting a club with a ball...this was a lot simpler when the scots were in charge) and i will be able to slice (and likely hook) the ball farther than i can see. whatever. the rest i'm excited for, and a whole heap excited for the price. now robbie needs to finish his midterm so we can go lose some balls.

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