18 October 2008


i was 'let go' last night. which was my boss' sissy way of saying fired. he was staring at his desk all somber and remorseful...thank God, because i was smiling on the verge of laughing out loud. i already have a job elsewhere, and i gave my two weeks a few days ago, and asked for a raise (i knew they couldn't do it, but i figured i'd throw the ball in their court before i left, i'm done playing their games anway). so last night, he called me in and said he had to let me go because i've been talking to my old boss (with whom i have the new job) and that was a conflict of interest. well...no one else in the company sees it that way, they are in fact pissed at my until-last-night current boss. everyone except my current until-last-night-former soon-to-be-again boss. he laughed as hard as i did. to sum up...

bad things about me being fired:
one. have to move
two. a few weeks earlier than i would have preferred
three. i won't see some people as much as i would like
four. no more company truck, and i have to go buy a vehicle this weekend.
---that's it

good things about me being fired:
one. i'm already packed
two. i'm making a lot more money for working fewer hours and more days off
three. i'll still see those people (lunch with a few today, golfing this week with a few)
four. my new company is buying me a truck, whatever truck i want
five. it's with my old boss, and i get along better with him than anyone in this company
six. (sweet vengeance) all the customers and my old job will follow me to my new job, and that shop will likely shut down because my old boss and i will take all the work
seven. no longer on call every day all the time
eight. (punishment) to my old boss for being an idiot...he'll most likely be fired for driving off two of our field hands, firing me for no good reason, leaving my division of the shop without anyone to run it, running our shop into the ground (lousy numbers a few months in a row), bad decisions, and generally being a crazy dude.
nine. more time to blog, write, read...do whatever i want.

this was my plan, just a few weeks ahead of schedule, i couldn't be happier because this makes the break with my company all the easier. i'm not the bad guy for leaving (which was one of my few fears) and no bridges burned except that between my old boss and me. and i'm still smiling.

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