21 November 2008

I hear the system

I hear the system.
It doesn’t speak
to me,
or to anyone,
but the voice is clear,
just behind the wall
separating us from the truth.
Someone calls out,
and then is gone.
Not the system—
the system is always there—
but the someone,
trying to break free,
powerless, alone;
a captive of our society.
And I don’t have the decency
to stop.
We never have the decency
to stop.


Clockworkchris said...

The system-oh yes, one of my favorite subjects. I am having a weekend where another voice is clear but seems powerless and I am unable to understand it. It's my wife's. Nothing to do with the system, but maybe I need to get out of the computer world and back into reality. Well written poem. Reminds me of the Matrix in a way.

Mony said...

is it a rebellion?
no, it's a bleeping revolution
viva la revolucion!!
later, tater