08 November 2008

thoughts after 100 pages of nanowrimo

1. 100 pages is a lot to write
2. the callous on my middle finger and the muscles in my hand were not ready for this challenge, getting better though.
3. my PAD project is a nice break from nano
4. my choice of bic pen (the standard, crystal cased (don't let the name fool you, its really plastic) black pen) only lasts about sixty pages with minimal editing and a few poems
5. my nano region (dfw) voted on a mascot and i missed it, but that's ok because they chose the rhinoceros, which i like, and is crazyfun to say altogether...nanowrimo rhino
6. i bought a small rhino for inspiration
7. i wrote a rhinoceros herd into my story about a prisoner in southeast asia (as a metaphor)
8. i want a nanowrimo rhino t-shirt
9. nano makes me drink a lot of tea

1 comment:

tbrowder1 said...

I love u but i have no idea what you are talking about. what is nanowrimo? hey robbie tells me you used to live in/near Seattle. Well i'm looking at jobs there and was wondering what you thought about it. It seems like a pretty confusing town to drive about in. Is it expensive