12 July 2009

happy dances

On days that may have started yesterday,
reasons to celebrate rarely show until tomorrow,
and no one feels like waiting.
We want to eat, to shower, to sleep,
not caring what order,
and we don't often get all three,
before the alarms bring our morning.
But before we can return,
we have one more run to complete,
and already prepared to leave,
we stand in a group
with nothing to keep us from falling asleep
but each other's company.
And when the last shots fire,
we can finally see the day's end,
and cannot help but feel relieved
for a few blissful moments.
And before that feeling passes,
we celebrate in shared delirium
with our happy dances.


The Word Seeker said...

This is an inspiring piece. Great Job!

lissa said...

feels a bit homesick reading this but unsure why, there's a sleepless exhalation, so ordinary and yet so provoking