14 July 2009

senseless anticipation

screaming voices
cheered on by maleficent requiems
are not really there--
the sounds you hear
are just white noise,
but while you shudder
in the corner, remember,
the sound drowned out
by your silent plea
waits, patiently,
welcoming your cowardice
but offended by your reason,
getting angry thinking
its memory has been weakened
by tolerance, or disbelief--
the evils exists,
but have you forgotten?
you hide in the shadow of your fear
while your demons masquerade
as plagues of the senses,
cutting in
and fading out
but are not so easily escaped
because you are haunted by thoughts
of the future, afraid to see
where your decisions will lead,
but this is not allowed, so
close your eyes, tighter still,
so the light cannot shine through,
look ahead into your future,
now tell me, if words do not fail you,
what do you feel?

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