10 July 2009

a pile of advice

wrote this in march, thought i posted it then. i didn't

never stop
running, stop,
and roll, stop
before you cross
the railroad,
do not lose control,
let go,
never apologize for how you feel
or for what is real,
do not be afraid to unseal
your emotion, or go
swimming after
you eat, laughter--
not aloud
at a crowd
of elderly croquet
players, a bouquet
of roses is never enough,
but a start, sort of,
not crying does not mean tough,
ask, it is rude to demand,
hold my hand,
now hold her hand,
for what you believe,
it is best to give and receive,
share yourself
with someone else,
offer help
more often than you take it,
cherish your childhood, save it
in a safe place,
but it if you break it,
fix only what is broken,
never turn down a token
of appreciation,
or any reason for celebration,
attend at least one public demonstration,
every once in a while
do not give your child
a ridiculous name,
embrace change,
forgive, forget, skip blame,
you will have regrets,
but only one set
of eyes, ears and teeth,
treat each
like medicine does not exist,
temptation to be
anything but what you see
in the mirror,
whether for fear or
and when you see things clearer
pass some of this on--
knowledge must
never stop.

1 comment:

Robbie said...

I really like this one. Good flow. Great advice. Well done.