16 July 2009

seeking asylum

bleach white walls that always smell so
lab coats, pristine, no wrinkles, no odor
milk in a plastic cup
and precisely portioned food
on paper plates, the sturdy kind
but still no more than cardboard

welcome to purgatory, for the insane
at least I've heard them say
this is our last chance to prove our worth
to the society that has already abandoned us
then banished us because we are different
or so they claim; i think we are the same
in my mind, we don't ignore
the voices, the sensations, the demons
or we can't, but is that so unnatural?

and what if we succeed in denying our fears?
I don't expect acceptance if we return
like a stray dog that won't stay gone
does hallmark even make a
'congrats on being normal' card?
even recovered, people would always see
the invisible asterisk over my head

I still don't understand why they need
a purgatory between two hells

1 comment:

Silver said...

i enjoy poetry very much. Even though i never really did have the courage to publish those which i have written.

i like the one on 'Piles of Advice'.I am glad you published it.