10 July 2008

blogging bereaved by business...

...but now resurrected, in large part because of a very unfortunate accident at work (more on that in a minute). i've been busy, gone, and not here for a long time. april twenty-seventh was my last post; lame i know. i've been writing, just not blogging, who knows... but i'm back now, i'll see what i can do about the consistency. i have plenty to post, some new some old some whatever.

ok, the incident. a ton of paint thinner splashed into my face at the end of work today (after i was supposed to be home, that's what i get for lending a hand), and it was not pretty. that stuff burns como whoa. i get some on my hands here and there, no big deal, must be the facial orifices, and it got into and burned every single one: pores, eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, a few cuts on my face...much agony. i took my contacts out to flush my eyes and face, lost them, and had to drive home without. a little scary not being able to see while driving. on the plus side, my face is very dry. not like bad dry, but free of oils dry (i used some face stuff in the shower, i should be alright). i don't think acne will be a problem for the next few days (or weeks, one could hope). i know toothpaste would have been safer, but not so much my choice. an hour and a half later, my eyes still sting a bit...hopefully nothing permanent.