24 December 2008


snowflakes often fall purely
as those haply fallen
into perfect flurries
of unpacked snow

the flakes they scurry
as the wind lures them surely
always gone or going
to where ever the wind blows

I don’t get the hurry
of the snowflake flurries
forever rushing
with nowhere to go

but I forgive their worries
as their flaky forms fall demurely
while comfortably watching
from my fireside window

09 December 2008

last look at november

november was nuts. started with a new company, moved and dealt with a few personal issues, while participation in a poem a day challenge and nanowrimo. the thirtieth was the deadline for the move and the two writing assignments, which was the sunday after thanksgiving. going into the holiday weekend i knew what i had to do to accomplish all my goals--type 50,000 words, half a months worth of poems and move all my stuff out and clean my soon-to-be-at-the-time-but-now-ex apartment.

sunday night came around, moved out, but still nothing typed. and i wasn't scrambling to do so, i didn't even try the entire weekend. i didn't have the internet for the last half of the month, so i couldn't submit my poems, and i got too far behind to begin typing. but i completed both tasks. thirty poems, one each day, and over 50,000 words, hand-written. and i never doubted my choices. the challenges were personal, not for show, and i succeeded for me; i couldn't be happier.

and thank you to all who supported me throughout the month of writing and writing and whatever else and writing. who knows what comes in the months ahead for my writing, or life, but right now i'm hungry. dinner on PWR (that's my new company, professional wireline rentals).