19 February 2009

something i wrote at lunch

19.february 09

by the lakeside of a fantastic voyage
through syringes belated by withdrawal
lie seven gleaming onyx stones
broken from the same snow-covered hopes
that parade in a lone requiem
to the melodic submission
of the ground beneath weary steps
like morning toast dying bite by bite
in the greedy mouths of adolescence

14 February 2009

innocence lost

a pale face decorated with apologetic regret
speaks words tainted by misplaced sympathy
intended to distract the feeling of loss
sinking deep within myself

i don't need your insults to praise my burdens
or your quivering lips on the verge
of betraying your delight with a smile
you did enough to raise my suspicions
without the stifled celebration

please just walk away
turn the light out
and leave me now
how you should have left me then

08 February 2009

a simple town

a simple town
rests comfortably at night
after shutting its doors
in a tired chorus.
tomorrow it will rise,
orchestrated by the sun,
rarely ever before,
rarely ever later.

a simple town
who's names and faces
are never forgotten
but recycled over and again,
leaves no memory
on the passersthrough
and nothing remains
as the town fades away.

a simple town
perpetuating its existence
and nothing more

07 February 2009

untitled for now

my angel’s tears always fall
at least three steps behind—
never able to keep up,
or keep a hand on me—
I live faster than he can fly.
he could ask for help,
maybe he is too proud…
do angels sin?
does mine?
probably not,
that would explain the distance
between us.

02 February 2009

groundhog day

the groundhog saw his shadow today. so did i...because it's sunny. reason leads me to assume the sun also shone where ever the little ground squirrel woke up this morning. and what does it mean? nothing. the groundhog and his shadow have yet to alter time, create a tesseract or quantum leap the earth into spring before mid march. anyone who hangs any real hopes on this lame circus show needs a hobby, or an addiction...or to quit. better still, move to a climate that suits you.