14 November 2012

off the bench

Not sure I could give one specific reason why I have been absent for so long; maybe I needed to stay in my head and focus on other things for a while.

My post a few days ago was more convenience than intention; needed to post that poem somewhere. Not sure that I planned to resume this blog just yet, though I had thought about it recently.

I have been writing after a short time away, putting a pen to paper one day with no real plan, just a thought and a beat. I had not felt them same urge to blog until this evening, and mostly because of last night.  Finally made it to an intramural soccer game with fellow CEEP (more on this later)members, known as the Treehuggers. Been a long while since I played and realized after that, though I knew what I was missing, how I valued those things was somewhat lost.

Maybe the same is true for blogging. I will give it an honest effort and see what happens.

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