18 November 2012

PAD challenge day 18

Before it is Too Late

Rest your weary arm,
the machine will wait awhile;
think past yourself,
to your children,
and the way you leave them.
Indulge not in worldly delight,
but lay your soul bare
to reason, exposed to doubt,
free from the night,
clothed in sunlight

See the world
through youthful eyes,
with hope and wonder,
where choice still exists.
Open the door for better-
leave them with something
more than your sentence;
a slave to desire,
forever hunting,
restless in wanting

Your weathered body,
your tortured mind,
are relics of a society
determined by this moment.
Prepare for their future,
for their future is near;
do not condemn them
to your life
living without cheer,
dying of fear

Give them wisdom
of your mistakes.
Whether they take it
is not your concern,
only that your faults
survive to inspire
a new generation
evaluating how you
chased shades of desire,
changed shapes of an empire

a prompt from Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-A-Day challenge. had to write a glosa which is 4 ten-line stanzas, lines 6,9,10 rhyming, and each ending with a consecutive line from a four-line poem [excerpt]. was difficult and took a while, but happy with the result.

‘Clothed in sunlight
restless in wanting
dying of fear

Changed shapes of an empire’

from “Lamerica” by Jim Morrison

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